Our Certificates

champified.com tests, evaluates, and compares products, services, and coachings in various niches so that you can quickly find the best solution for your individual problem.


Verified Provider

This seal certifies websites that have been thoroughly reviewed by our team of experts. Through our rigorous review process, we’ve assessed the business information, and contact details, and made sure that customers can perform transactions safely and securely. When you come across this seal on a website, it means that you can rely on the website’s security and trust the legitimacy of the business.

Review Seal

Our review seal certifies products, services, and coaching programs that have passed our rigorous review process and meet our high standards. We don’t hand out this seal lightly, so you can trust that the brands that have earned it are legitimate and offer high-quality offerings. When you see our seal on a website, you can definitely trust the brand. You can even find a detailed review of their offerings on our website, so you can make an informed decision.

Ranking Winner

We take our Seal of Ranking Winner very seriously—and only a select few products, services, and coaching programs have earned it. To achieve this top distinction, the offerings must go above and beyond their competition, earning the coveted number-one spot in their niche. When you see this seal on a brand’s products, services, or coaching programs, you can trust that you have found the best solution available.