Top 7 Best WhatsApp Plugins For WordPress

Is your website stuck in the past? Instead of being left behind by your competition, charge forward with a WhatsApp plugin for WordPress. WhatsApp WordPress plugins are making it easier than ever before to communicate with potential buyers that visit your website.

Don’t drop the ball… Install a WordPress WhatsApp chat plugin to connect to them in an instant. In this way, you’ll avoid having visitors leave your website because they couldn’t get answers to their questions. Communication is an essential element of customer service, and just because people shop online doesn’t mean they don’t need that interaction. 

Using these social chat apps like WhatsApp rather than live chats gives you a distinctive advantage. In particular, everybody no matter their age knows how to work these apps. Even senior citizens! Additionally, it allows you to keep the chat going even after that user has left your website. 

Enhance the potential of your website by using one of the following top 7 best WhatsApp plugins for WordPress.







FlyingContact gives your users a direct contact button to quickly connect them through messaging apps they use every day. Starting a conversation is simple from your website with WhatsApp. They can also use any other app they’re familiar with and access it with one click.

You can make a one-click phone call, connect via Facebook Messenger, use email, and many more different channels, all without using any code. This option for multiple contact channels gives you an easier way to make those important connections with your customers. 

There is no code to worry about, making it about as simple and direct as it gets. You can customize FlyingContact to look the way you want it too. It also won’t slow down your site’s performance. That’s a huge problem with other plugins. They make the performance speed slow down, leading to people flocking away from your page and dropping your rankings on Google.

It also costs far less than other options with the option to pay yearly or for a low one-time fee that grants you lifetime access, making it the most affordable option for WhatsApp WordPress plugins. And there is also a 14-day money-back guarantee so you can try FlyingContact on your WordPress site 100% risk-free.


  • Besides WhatsApp, you can also integrate many other popular Social Chat Apps!
  • You can have different buttons on different pages of your website.
  • You can customize text, color, icons position and much more.
  • It’s very affordable compared to the other plugins.
  • There is a 14-day 100% no-risk money back guarantee.
  • Cons

  • There is no free version available. However, you can test it 100% risk-free because of the money-back guarantee.
  • 02.

    WP Social Chat


    WP Social Chat

    WP Social Chat

    Very Good

    Once called WhatsApp Chat WP, this plugin lets your customers chat with you from your website too. It offers unlimited agent accounts and customizable chatboxes. There’s a free version as well as premium plans. However, you’ll get more out of it by choosing the premium plan packages. The fees for these can quickly add up since it lures you in with the basic settings. 


    WordPress WhatsApp Support


    WordPress WhatsApp Support

    WordPress WhatsApp Support


    Another customizable option, this one also features pre-made templates if you’d rather keep it simple. With a premium plugin like this one, you get single and multi-person support and ease of communication for your visitors and support agents. It has a lot of options to it that make it among the better options, though the monthly fees certainly stack up over time. 


    WhatsApp Contact Chat


    WhatsApp Contact Chat

    WhatsApp Contact Chat


    WhatsApp Contact Chat claims to have faster and easier communication for you and you’re users. However, you can pre-made templates and no options for customization. It’s a good choice for beginners but leaves those craving more advanced features out in the cold. Deemed a bit on the expensive side, the fees for this plugin are one of the biggest disadvantages, especially for something with such basic features. 


    WP WhatsApp Button


    WP WhatsApp Button

    WP WhatsApp Button


    Easily add a WhatsApp button and add the chatbox anywhere, though beware of the shortcodes. It can get confusing, however if you want a lot of template options, you’ll find them here. You can also customize a few features though you’ll be wishing for something a little more advanced. 


    WhatsApp Click to Chat


    WhatsApp Click to Chat

    WhatsApp Click to Chat


    Set support hours and engage multiple WhatsApp accounts at once. This plugin offers integration with Google as well as shortcodes to reveal user scroll length and inactivity. While the regular license is cheap, you’re better off on the extended one, though again, making that investment over and over for a subpar plugin just doesn’t feel right. 


    WhatsApp Contact Button


    WhatsApp Contact Button

    WhatsApp Contact Button


    The updated version of WhatsApp Contact Button has a great user interface, customizable buttons and popups, and animation effects. It is also compatible with any theme though it misses a few things overall, and in the end, while it is a cheap option, it doesn’t provide the kind of full support you’re going to need to communicate and earn that crucial trust from your customers. 

    Get the Best WhatsApp Chat Plugin For WordPress

    While there are many WhatsApp plugins you can use, the one you choose should connect your customers through more social channels. It should be flexible in page targeting, offering different buttons, and accessible across different devices. The code quality should be high and prevent lagging on your page for fast performance. 

    It should be easy to set up, and it should be affordable too. 

    Many of the plugins mentioned above have some of these features. But only one of them has all of these things that make it perfect even for those that aren’t quite as tech-savvy. FlyingContact is the best WhatsApp plugin available, proven to engage your visitors and convert them into customers. You have the option to pay yearly for just $89 rather than have fees and add-ons every month.

    Or even better, you can pay a one-time fee of $199 which gives you this incredible WhatsApp WordPress Plugin for life. You won’t have to pay a penny more and you’ll be getting more features that make those critical connections with your customers for much less.

    Don’t waste any more time missing out on opportunities to improve your revenue and get those sales. Start engaging with your customers in a way that makes it simple for them to connect to you and get those results today!


    #1 WordPress Social Chat & Whatsapp Plugin

    Easily integrate WhatsApp, Phone Calls, FB Messenger, Email, and more to your website—with one smart floating button that has it all covered.

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